What exactly does a financial coach do for me?

My role as your financial coach is to form a collaborative, educational relationship which drives your focus to achieve financial success.

There’s no secret to growing your wealth: Don’t spend more than you earn, and invest the difference wisely. Everyone knows that.

The problem isn’t knowing what to do – the problem is getting it done.

Financial coaching bridges that gap by providing a powerful, professional partnership designed to produce action. It can save you time and money by helping you avoid the many dangerous pitfalls and dead-end paths on the road to financial freedom.
Financial coaching can also accelerate your wealth building by taking the most efficient, effective actions toward achieving your goals.

Financial coaching is not the latest “get-rich-quick” gimmick or trendy how-to seminar that is supposed to reveal the “secrets of the rich”. The secret is there are no secrets.

Instead, your financial coach provides accountability, educational insights, practical experience, and support focused on timeless, proven wealth building principles. Through a regularly scheduled series of meetings, you will develop a personalized plan for wealth and be supported in taking tangible actions to implement that plan.
In other words, your coach provides the education and insights, but you will do the heavy lifting and be responsible for the results produced. Your coach is the educator and protagonist, but you are the decision-maker and action-taker.

Coaching can’t be compared to other educational alternatives like reading a book, listening to a CD, or watching the latest seminar on DVD: these are passive, one dimensional experiences. Financial coaching is an interactive, dynamic, learning experience uniquely tailored to your needs.

Let’s see exactly how this works in greater detail below…
The path to finding financial success is a journey in three phases; first you master survival, then you gain stability, and finally achieve financial security.
Cory Boyas
Financial Coaching Is Much More Than Advice, Consulting or Investment How-To Instruction

You’ve probably noticed that most financial education teaches you how to do something – how to invest in stocks, how to buy real estate, or how to save money. That is all fine and good, but it’s not enough. Few people will achieve financial freedom with this type of how-to instruction. It’s worth learning, but it’s not what is necessary to transform your financial situation.

Teaching you how to build wealth by showing you how to buy stocks or real estate is like teaching the obese how to lose weight by showing them how to eat less and exercise more. Duh! But so what? Anybody who wants to lose weight already knows what needs to be done, yet something is keeping them from doing it.

Similarly, everyone who wants to build wealth already knows they should earn more, save more, and invest more wisely. It’s not a big secret.
In fact, it is obvious. The problem is not in knowing what to do: the problem is in implementation – actually getting it done in a strategic and efficient way. That is what will make or break your success.

Financial coaching bridges the gap between knowing what to do and actually getting it done. That’s why it works.

The experts sell you information but what you need is transformation. They teach how-to information but never provide the transformational tools necessary for you to act on that information and produce results in your life. In short, they forgot the essential ingredient you need to succeed. They teach you everything except what you actually need to know.

This becomes intuitively obvious when you consider the sheer volume of information available teaching you how to build wealth.
The libraries and internet are filled with more business and investment how-to instruction then you could implement in a lifetime – yet, you are still not rich so it can’t be from a lack of information.

The missing ingredient has nothing to do with “secrets of the rich” or the latest investment strategy. The missing ingredient is the catalyst that helps you bridge the gap between knowledge and effective action. The key is not just in knowing what to do, but in actually getting it done. That is how results are produced, and that is what financial coaching is all about.

The first step is to determine in we are a good fit for each other, which is why I offer a complimentary, no-strings attached 30-minute introductory meeting.

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