Running your business can come with its own set of frustrations, and sometimes you come to the realization that you are not necessarily an expert on every aspect of running your business.

By taking this first step, you’re already way ahead of the game. By joining forces with Cory Boyas, you can count yourself amongst hundreds of business owners who realized that having the right coach is a huge asset to them as a business leader.

Whether the biggest challenge you face today is stabilizing cash flow, getting your people on board or generating new business, multiple clients have used my process to become less overwhelmed and move closer to the business, and life, they want.

The secret behind why my process works isn’t me—it’s you.

You’re willing to see how the business is a reflection of you—and how the choices you did or didn’t make along the way are holding you back.

My entire system is broken up into several inter-relatable processes, covering every aspect of your business from front to back.

While they have a lot in common, each process is designed to solve a distinct problem or create a specific system to help you grow.

Most processes have one or more worksheets, and I’m always here to help if anything is unclear.
While the program is customized to your needs, I’ve identified a smaller set of core processes that will help you lay a strong foundation within the first four to six months of coaching.
Core Processes:

Gaining Perspective • Values, Passion and Purpose • Your Vision • Time Management • Self-Organization • Organizational Strategy • Your Company Values • Transforming Frustrations into Solutions • Your Brand Commitment • Key Strategic Indicators • Key Financial Indicators
As time goes on, this will all become second nature, and you’ll think about your business in a profoundly new way.

And of course, these tools are only part of the process. The magic of coaching comes alive in the relationship we form together.

Consider me your trusted advisor guiding you along the way and challenging you to step up to a new kind of business leadership. I’ll help enable you to grow your business and enrich your life.

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