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Let’s Get Fiscal!

If I may be candid, you're probably like the majority of people and have put your financial planning at number 11 on your top 10 list of priorities.

I personally understand the tragedy of waiting to plan until it is too late. I lost my mother suddenly to cancer when I was 25. And while she had done some planning, it wasn't enough, and as a result of bad advice and not being more pro-active, her final months were filled with mounting debt and stress; not only for her, but for our family as well, which extended years after her death.

I quickly became a student of finance to learn how to avoid the pitfalls which I witnessed first-hand, and that naturally developed into a desire to help others learn from my personal experiences. No one should have to experience what I went through personally.

For me, financial coaching and planning is a calling to honor the memory of my mom, so that others may better navigate their options in their personal and professional lives.

The fact remains that to achieve personal and financial success, you must view it as a habit.
Just like going to the gym or staying mindful of your posture; habits are choices. Our habits define us, define how others perceive us, and define our personal successes or failures.

Getting in the habit of planning is the best strategy I know to overcoming life’s uncertainties. And while life may throw us many surprises the more times we circle the sun, being able to overcome such obstacles is a direct result of formulating and executing a plan to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our livelihoods.

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Personal Finance Coaching Focuses On Three Primary Strategies:

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  • Discover business strategies which can lessen your tax obligations while keeping up with inflation and building a solid nest egg for your personal savings and retirement goals.
  • Implement tax-advantaged strategies to grow your business more profitably.

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  • Protect your income stream if you ever became injured and could no longer perform the material duties of your occupation.
  • Design and implement a plan to protect your loved ones if you didn’t make it home tonight.
  • Create strategies to help alleviate the time and financial burdens on your loved ones as you age.
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  • Develop a plan to execute after you've reached your personal & professional goals to ensure that it stays time and tax advantaged.
  • Learn precautions to ensure you’re not outliving the distribution of your retirement income.

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I am proud to share that my practice is one of the most recognized amongst independent professionals and small business owners in the great state of Florida. My vision of working with a hand-selected team of analysts and advisors, coupled with a premiere, five-star experience equates to a level of knowledge and service that is simply unparalleled by other organizations.

My goal isn’t to have the most clients, but to laser focus on a select group of dedicated individuals and guide them to continued success through proper planning and accountability.
Even if you are already working with someone, a second pair of eyes never hurt anything. Major corporations spend millions of dollars each year double-checking themselves. In fact, several of my clients work with a team of advisors and find the insight I provide greatly compliments the relationships they have already established.

I have expanded my team for 2016 and will personally be servicing 60 new clients this year. I would like to invite you to come experience the difference my practice offers.

These slots will go fast, so I would encourage you to contact the office to schedule an appointment today.

Wishing you much success as we begin our pilgrimage together!

Best Regards,

Cory Boyas
Personal & Business Development
Member, Forbes® Coaches Council
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